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Our Boatshed Construction


Saturday 20th December 2004:

Garry Williams & Doug Gilson

We finally make a "physical" start!

Garry Williams (right) the driving force behind the Wagga Boat Club sailing shed, and Doug Gilson marking out the site for our new shed.

After years of being without a boat storage shed the sailing facet is about to erect it's own brand new color-bond shed. The shed will be capable of housing a number of dinghy's as well as trailer sailors. The shed was originally designed by Garry Williams, with his father George drawing the plans. Gabrielle McDonnel and Lea Zoutendyk assisted with the fund raising and organizing raffles..

Sport & Rec Logo

The Wagga Wagga City Council, and the department of Sport And Recreation assisted with the allocation of grants and acquisition of the site. Special thanks must go to Daryl McGuire for his assistance. Facet treasurer's Garry Pearce and Cameron Fitzgerald were responsible for managing the facet's funds and term deposits.

The Wagga Wagga City Council has been thorough with it's site selection, impact study, and public forum regarding the building of the shed.

The facet is lucky enough to have two builders involved in the building of the shed, Steve Lee and Kerry Spalding. Both are keen sailors and are kind enough to donate some of their time and expertise in the construction of the shed. Numerous assistants will be available to help Steve and Kerry. The sailors hope to have the shed completed around the end of January 2004.



Saturday 3rd January
The gang digging holes in 40 degree heat.

John Zoutendyk & Ian Lobley

John & Ian having a break. Tony, Michelle and Anthony finish a hole.

Glenn Ross

Cameron and Greg dug two holes! Glen looking cool.

Cherril Zoutendyk

Neil and Danny worked well together. Cherril keeping up to the boys.

Garry and Trevor (the short one).



Saturday 10 January 2004
The footings are boxed then poured.



Saturday 17 January 2004
Up goes the frame ready for cladding.

8 o'clock start we unpack the frame Posts up, purloins being attached.

Ready to attach the roof trusses. The crane arrived at 10am and the trusses fitted.

Jean Purvis feeding Kerry Spalding

Thanks to Jean who supplied the morning tea. Almost done, the boys tidy up.

The frame 24 meters by 10 meters up in six hours.



Saturday 24 January 2004
The sailors start cladding the shed.

Neil Purvis being rude

The gang getting ready for a hard day. Neil resting on the job.

The roof finished Roof and eastern wall done.

Packing up after a hard day. Only northern wall to go.


Monday 26 January 2004
Wall cladding finished.

Only guttering and roller doors to go.


Sunday 1 February 2004
Guttering and flashing fitted.



Saturday 7 February 2004
Inside floor retaining wall boxing completed ready for concreting.

Garry installing the boxing for the retaining wall to support the fill for the floor.

Anchor support for the retaining wall.



Saturday 14 February 2004
Cement retaining walls complete ready for fill to be added.

Floor retaining wall finished ready for fill.
Approximately 600mm of fill required in places.


The floor of the shed will be 600mm above high water.
Dry fill ready to be spread to level the floor.



Saturday 29 February 2004
Floor leveled ready for concreting and concrete poured below roller doors.

Concrete poured ready to fit roller doors.

Floor leveled ready for concreting.



Sunday 7th March 2004
Roller doors fitted, shed to lock up.

Five doors fitted 3 on the western side, one north facing the lake and one south.



Sunday 28th March 2004
The shed floor is leveled by hand, plastic and mesh fitted ready for concreting.

Excess soil has been leveled to create a turning circle for the trailer sailors.
Next step a concrete floor.



Saturday 3rd April
Concrete poured ready for racking.

Flooring poured ready for racking.
The trailer sailor section to be completed at a later date.



Saturday 8th May
Racking arrives. Time to move in the boats.

The shed construction will be an ongoing process. In the future the concrete floor will be extended, and more boat racking will be installed. Power will be added at a later date. Building the shed has been an enjoyable experience for all involved. The team has worked well together and the quality of the construction is first rate. Thanks to all the boys and girls who helped with this worthwhile project.

Thanks to Kerry Spalding for his hard work and building expertise, and to Garry Williams for his drive and commitment,

and also to Doug Gilson for all his mighty efforts in the planning and procurement of all of machinery and materials used in the construction of the "Wagga Sailors Boat Shed."



Boat Shed Working Bee 17/6/06

A group of wagga sailors attended the boat shed working bee last Saturday morning. The group gathered to erect the second lot of boat racks.

The new racking system installed last Saturday will be capable of holding 12 boats, bringing the total number of storage spaces available to 32. The next stage in the rack instillation will be to install a mezzanine rack, to be placed over one of the smaller trailer boats.

A new flagpole was also erected last Saturday. The pole is constructed from a hollow tapered section of aluminium. Thanks from Bill from Arthur Foam & Rubber for the donation of quality 4mm halyard for the pole.

The new concreting poured two weeks ago has set nice and firm allowing three trailer sailors to be placed in that section of the shed.

Boat Shed Working Bee August 2014
Some photos of the work around the sailing club.
Boat ramps now done some landscaping to do then we will have a fantastic area.

Construction of Boat Shed boat ramp and landscaping of land surrounding boatshed August 2014






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