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Learn To Sail

The Wagga Wagga Sailing Club Inc. conducts learn to sail courses on a regular basis during the warmer months. The learn to sail courses are delivered by skilled coaches trained to give you the fantastic opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport as much as you want to, regardless of your starting point.

Some of the skills taught during the programme are, Plan and prepare. Group and individual Safety Awareness, Clothing, Safety Equipment, Rigging, Wind awareness, Awareness of of parts of and Rigging of the training boat, Rope work, Figure of eight Round Turn and Two Half Hitches, Sailing techniques and maneuvers, Paddling and Rowing, basic Heave-To, primary Boat Controls, Reaching, Helming under supervision. Rescue procedures and drills, Capsize recovery drill, Towing, Launching and recovery, Leaving and returning to the beach with instructor guidance, Effective launch and recovery of craft, Lifting, Sailing theory and background, Basic rules: Avoid Collisions, Right Of Way, Exceptions, Meteorology, Storm clouds, Reading the conditions. Wind's, tides and currents. Wind awareness, Direction and relative strength indicators.

Racing Skills. The sailing facet conducts club races from the beginning of August, extending right through to May. Students are welcome to participate in the club racing.

For more information please contact the sailing secretary.

If you have any other enquiries about the learn to sail course please contact the sailing facet's training officer.





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