Wagga Wagga Sailing Club Racing Results 2016-17 Season


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Race 7 Cool Comp 6-5-17

Race 6 Cool Comp 29-4-17

Summer Comp Race 7 Championship 1-4-17

Summer Comp Race 6 Handicap 8-4-17

Summer Comp Race 5 Handicap 11-3-17

Summer Comp Heat 6 25-2-17

The sailing this week was in a nice north easterly (mostly) generally in 5 to 10 knots of breeze. Three TS16’s were out this week to push the other regulars in B division. Greg and Garry Williams were able to pull out a gap on the other two TS16’s and staying in close contact with the Elliott 5.9 around most of the coarse. Daniel McDonell had brought out his 16ft Skiff to clean the cobwebs out and we managed to go quite well completing 2 & ¾ laps before having a swim after a botched gybe in one of the stronger puff’s. After righting ourselves we finished the remainder of the race still ahead of all the other boats. A division was a close race for the majority between the usual suspects in the Paper Tigers with John Z. able to pull away in the last lap or so from Kerry for a comfortable win. All in all another great day out on the lake and we look forward to seeing everybody next Saturday for some short coarse racing. Cameron

Summer Comp Handicap Heat 4 19-2-17

Today’s racing was a great way to spend the afternoon with a nice 24 deg. Temperature, between 5 to 15 knots of breeze from the west (mostly). We had about 12 boats out on the water, all (mostly) completing the race in around the 1 hour 20 min. Mark. I believe we all had a great time, some of us getting wetter than others (I hope you had your shower after woods Tom). This was a very pleasant afternoon on the Elliott 5.9 with our lovely third hand Linn, whom had traded in her horses today to come and see what this sailing thing was all about. She was having a great time (a bit over whelmed but very keen). So thanks to all for some great sailing and to Doug, Garry, Sara and Pam for running today’s event. Next week we will be back to Saturday for Summer Comp. #6. Cameron

Summer Comp Ewen McArthur Cup Heat 2 11-2-17


Summer Comp Heat 5 28-1-17


Summer Comp Handicap Heat 3 21-1-17

Summer Comp Heat 4 7-1-17

Summer Comp Handicap Heat 2 17-12-16


Summer Comp Heat 3 3-12-16


History Regatta 27-11-16


Summer Comp Heat 2 19-11-16


Handicap Race #1 12-11-16



Summer Comp Heat 1 29-10-16


Race 1 Ewen McArthur Cup 22-10-16

Short Course Race #1 15-10-16

The first short coarse racing for the season was held last weekend in top conditions, lots of water in the lake and a good nor west to nor east breeze between 5 and 16 knots giving everybody some great conditions to compete in. Three, roughly half hour races were completed with competitors in all divisions accept the windsurfers. In A division Garry and John were pushing each other on their Paper Tigers with good close starts and enough breeze for them to get up and boogie. Brad Pearce also made his first outing with his daughter on their Taipan and looked to be really enjoying the conditions, making a number of us jealous of their high speed and fun (but probably very wetJ) looking rides.
B Division was Dad and myself on the Elliott, Greg on his Laser and Tom also on a laser. Again he were all mixing it up at the starts, with the first work usually very close between ourselves and Greg. The first running leg of the day had us choofing down wind kite up doing 10 knots with Greg surfing along on our wake. All very fun and spectacular (but not getting us further ahead L). All three races were very close between us, with Greg just edging ahead with two wins to our one. Tom has also come along with his sail skills improving to the point that I only saw he have one capsize and that was after the last race.
C Division were left to fight between themselves this weekend with Garry and Greg sailing in the other divisions. Denis Davis made a great return for the season setting a quick pace that the others were struggling to keep up. Geoff was able to regain his composure in the last two races to narrowly lead Denis over the line. Again good close racing in great sailing conditions. This season has had one of the best starts to a season in many years and we hope that the great conditions and sailing continue.

Cameron Fitzgerald



Opening Regatta 2016-17 Season

The opening regatta weekend was a most enjoyable weekend for everybody involved ( accept maybe Don Pembleton and crew, when their mast came down in the last race on Sunday ). There was good breeze, although the forecast did not always look so good. There was also an excess of water in the lake, with the shed under an inch or so of water on Saturday but had emptied by that afternoon.
Saturdays racing was a pleasant beginning to the regatta with 4 to 8 knots of breeze in an east to northeast direction. The first race was a bit smaller due to the Kayaks also using the lake. Sunday started off with another good breeze around 4 to 8 knots and kept building through the day to finish with some gusts up around 16 to 18 knots. We had a great couple of rides with the spinnaker up. Mondays racing was reduced to one race due to expectation of bad weather coming through at around midday. So we started the race in a gusty 10 to 18 knot westerly. Martin was not so lucky at the start with a capsize only minutes before their start. During the race though Mick cave was the only casualty with a technical issue to one of his rudder pins. The rest of us scooted around very quickly in the blustery conditions.

Cameron Fitzgerald


2016-2017 Cool Comp Series Race 5

2016-2017 Cool Comp Series Race 4

Race cancelled due to weather

2016-2017 Cool Comp Series Race 3

Race cancelled due to weather

2016-2017 Cool Comp Series Race 2

2016-2017 Cool Comp Series Race 1

Race cancelled due to weather









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